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Mosquito Authority is dedicated to providing our customers with the best services possible and has been helping families enjoy their backyards for over 18 years. Because of our years of experience in the industry, trained mosquito control specialists, and stellar reputation, recently named Mosquito Authority as one of the Best Pest Control Companies in
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Top Franchising Brand

As one of the top mosquito control companies in the nation, Mosquito Authority is continuously growing our franchise community. Because of our proven success as an industry-leading franchisor, FranServe recently recognized Mosquito Authority as a top franchising brand on their annual FRAN-TASTIC 500 list. The FRAN-TASTIC 500 is an annual list put together by FranServe
The COVID-19 pandemic was (and continues to be) a major source of uncertainty in many industries. With hundreds of businesses having to shut their doors in 2020 due to the worsening economy, millions of Americans were forced into unemployment. For the small businesses that did manage to survive, many of them being franchises, hiring tactics
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As a mosquito control company, we are committed to protecting you and your family from mosquitoes. Why? Because we know that, while these pests are notorious nuisances, they are also the deadliest animal in the world.    We know that mosquitoes are responsible for the spread of a wide variety of diseases, including malaria, Eastern
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As an outdoor home services company, we do our best to make your yard and outdoor space a safe and enjoyable area. Because of our dedication to helping customers make the most of their homes without worrying about mosquito and tick bites, LawnStarter recently named Mosquito Authority as a Top Pest Control Provider in Commerce
In a recent blog, we wrote about a new deadly mosquito species that are coming into the US, more specifically, the South East.  Mosquito Authority Director of Pest, Joe Malinowski, was asked to comment on an article on News Break about the mosquito (Aedes scapularis), its danger, and how to prevent being bitten by one. 
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At Mosquito Authority, our franchisees are our most important asset. Our sales process ensures we get the best possible fit for our Mosquito Authority family.  Our long-time franchisees in New Jersey, brothers Bryan and Chris Madigan, fit that mold to a T. Their journey to us started like almost half of our franchisees, a positive
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As one of the nation’s leaders in mosquito control, we stay in-the-know when it comes to the world’s deadliest animal. Part of providing our clients with the best mosquito control in the industry is watching out for new mosquito-related health threats and knowing how we can help.   Florida is known for its abundance of
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2020 was undoubtedly a trying year for many businesses. With major hits to the economy due to the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses all over the country were forced to close their doors for good. Franchising, however, managed to stay afloat, with franchisors from various industries adapting their business models to the current economic climate. Now that
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